Business Born to be a Lifehacker!

Katrina Kalergis-Loukas was born in Waverly, grew up in Maroubra and eventually moved to Kingsford. She went to Rainbow Street Public School in Randwick, and eventually Randwick Girls High School. Katrina was born to migrant parents who were from Greece, and as a result Katrina could only speak Greek on her first day of School! She recalls that she used to sit on the teacher’s lap at school and as a result learned to adapt to different cultures and new ways of learning.

During her schooling, Katrina’s love of the spoken word found expression through her student council presidency, school debating team and Toastmasters Youth Leadership practice. School definitely allowed her to learn how to push boundaries and speak up for herself– one of the great products of being from such a large supportive Greek family! She has always been outspoken, and feels her upbringing has given her a natural inquisitiveness that makes her question authority, and find new ways of doing things regardless of how it’s always been done. Katrina is a natural born lifehacker.

Katrina went to the University of NSW and studied Electrical Engineering, but after a year realised she really didn’t enjoy it, so she changed her degree to a combined Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Education – because for her, mathematics was always her art form, ‘the poetry of numbers’, as she calls it.

After graduating, Katrina started teaching in high schools, but due to the restrictions of the curriculum, found she couldn’t teach the kids how she wanted to – her philosophy of questioning everything, and finding new innovative ways of working didn’t suit the system. In addition, Katrina has always thrived on self-learning, research and challenges, and she felt teaching just didn’t give her what she needed to feel she had purpose and expand on her mathematics aptitude.

After leaving teaching, Katrina went into IT / Software training, and was working in Desktop Support. During this time, she got married and had her two children. When her youngest was 2 years old, Katrina decided it was time to start learning again, and completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Biostatistics, Data Science and Analytics at Sydney University. She went into creating statistical and mathematical models for health based economics, research and evaluation – where she eventually lead small teams, presented on her methodology and wrote many reports on her findings.

In 2007, Katrina landed her dream job at a Not for Profit in a Government funded company that specialised in quality use of medicines. One week into the job, her life was ripped apart. Katrina’s sister Georgina was killed in a boating accident at Captain Cook Bridge. The tragedy of losing her sister really rocked her to her core. She started questioning life, and as a result her marriage started breaking down.

During this time she became interested in Psychology and Holistic Counselling and did a Post Grad Diploma in Psychotherapy. She went on to start a Psychotherapy practice, a YouTube channel, wrote empowering poetry and self-published a book. She continued to work on herself and went through a journey to self-actualisation which resulted in realising what her talents, strengths and weaknesses were. Lifehackers Institute, the Shire’s first ‘innovation agency’, was born.

Katrina now helps her clients move their businesses into the 21st Century. She does this by consulting and training in: data analytics, innovation, people development and levity strategies. Her focus is providing business owners and their staff the skills they need to transform their businesses into the digital age. She is passionate about helping them ride this current wave of disruption with data-backed certainty and unimagined innovation. Whether complex or simple, her solutions provide for business growth, while removing the risk of the most common form of business failure in the last 10 years: complacency.

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