Health Running a Business in a Pandemic World

In a world where there is daily panic and businesses are worried about potential losses, supply disruption and liabilities from personal carers leave entitlements for quarantine periods, many organisations feel at a loss to know what to do next.

As the Coronavirus, develops stronger global impacts and we start to see repercussive events, illnesses, deaths, and some overinflated hype by some sections of the media, you need to take a stance and be proactive in your response, not only for your people but for your business.

Communication is a key factor. At times like these, organisations look for a leader and you should step up and be the leader everyone needs, remaining calm and showing that you have strategies with a plan in place. But what is your plan?

There is a wealth of information around the health aspects of Covid-19 and it is best that you utilised sound government sources, rather than mainstream media or commercial channels. The Department of Health have strong guidelines about when employees cannot attend work.

You can assist, by reminding your team about good hygiene practises, including handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes, and staying away from work if unwell. 923|Recruitment & HR have been assisting many clients with a Coronavirus Leave Compliance Policy, which communicates to your team, your strategy, compliance around the types of leave that are available, and advice about specific situations that may arise. As employers, we all have a duty of care over all our workers and need to protect everyone, as much as we can.

Protecting your business is also vital at this time. Think now, about setting up some remote working strategies in case, as we have already seen in some organisations, everyone needs to leave. How will your business function? Do you have systems in place to have people work remotely?

In this time of uncertainty, no one is really sure what is going to happen, it is possible that things will get worse, but also a possibility that the current situation will improve. We don’t currently really know whether the change of seasons will affect the spread of the disease, the details of full recovery of mild cases and immunity facts.  Global research firm McKinsey discusses three possible economic scenarios: a quick recovery, a global slowdown, and a pandemic-driven recession. A quick recovery could see us rebounding economically towards the end of this month, while a global slowdown will see difficulties continue into the next quarter and a recession will have far-reaching effects perhaps, into the new financial year.

Think about these differing scenarios for your business. What steps can you take to plan for each outcome? None of us know the future, but you can protect your people and your business through being a strong leader, gathering sound intelligence and strategizing about future possibilities.

923|Recruitment & HR are here to assist anyone who needs the Coronavirus Leave Compliance Policy as a basis for their strategy or needs advice on specific workplace situations. Kathryn MacMillan has a Masters in Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations from Sydney University and was 2018 winner of the prestigious Kingsley Laffer Memorial Award for Industrial Relations.