Member Showcase Fashion Blogging leads to Innovative Entrepreneur!

Jess is an avid blogger and passionate about fashion – so much so she started a fashion blog at aged 14 called Molly and Gizmo . Her passion for fashion led her to studying at the Orana Fashion Business College where she graduated in 2018 with a Certificate in Business Majoring in Fashion with an Award of Excellence for the most Innovative Entrepreneur at aged 19.

Innovative Entrepreneur at such a young age I hear you say? Don’t let Jess’ age make you think she’s immature or inexperienced – the reality is she knows what she’s doing with Social Media, and does it better than anyone else. She started Socially Squared while still at College and has spent the last year refining her craft to a fine art.

So just how did Socially Squared come about from writing a fashion blog? From running her own social media accounts for Molly and Gizmo, Jess realised she was damn good at it - so much so her social media following has grown to almost 3,000 engaged followers.

Jess started to think about how she could use these skills to help other businesses, and Socially Squared was born. She continued to study at TAFE Digital in Marketing and Communications, and began to take on clients who she supports through regular social media engagement packages.

It’s been 4 years since she started Molly and Gizmo, and a year since Jess started Socially Squared. She has really refined her skills to provide beautiful, thought provoking and interesting social media for the clients she works with.

Social Media Management has got to be one of the areas that small businesses struggle with the most. It’s time consuming and involves some knowledge of marketing, SEO, and market trends. For business owners trying to do everything at once, social media can be the area that gets neglected the most, and the result is often a rushed post that isn’t clearly thought out which doesn’t do much to engage their audience. Sound familiar? We've all been there!

In social media, the wording used in the post caption, the photo or picture used in the post, the time of day it’s posted and the style of tone are all important to capturing the interest of your desired audience. This style and tone must be in line with the business’ marketing strategy, its values and ethics, and it must be on topic with the audience it has. Throughout my time working with many SME’s, I’ve learned that this is not something that most business owners have the time to learn, or if they’re honest, desire to learn either. Still, due to the endless deluge of “social marketing” companies promising the world and delivering nothing, many business owners become disillusioned about social media management and opt for a DIY model which often doesn’t get them anywhere.

There is much to be said about knowing what you know, and knowing what you don’t and getting an expert to fill in the skills gaps where your experience or knowledge grows thin. Social media management is one of those areas of business we highly recommend handing over to an expert if it is not your forte.

If you’re one of those disillusioned business owners that just wishes someone REALLY good would take over your social media for a reasonable price then Jess is your girl!

Jess offers a range of social media packages and services, and currently has an offer of 40% off your first month’s social media packages!

Contact Jess directly at or check out her website by clicking here. We also recommend you check out her Socially Squared Instagram account by clicking here and her Molly and Gizmo Instagram to see where it all started by clicking here