Member Showcase Budapest to London to Sydney - Julianna Nagy shares her story

Julianna grew up at Lake Balaton in Hungary – about an hour’s drive from Budapest. When she finished high school, she went to University in Budapest to study English Lit & History, but found it wasn’t what she expected. She felt that it wasn’t the right course for her, so decided to travel while she worked out what it was that she really wanted to do.

She moved to the UK and worked as an au-pair in Islington, and met a group of other au-pairs, one who was Australian and worked for Tony Blair (former Prime Minister of UK) and Cherie Blair. She loved her time over there, and stayed in that role for 3 years.

She decided to move back to Hungary, and got a job in P.R. as English Proficiency was extremely desirable for the clients who wanted to run campaigns in Hungarian and English. She felt like she had decided what she wanted to do by this point, and started studying Economics, Finance and Accounting at Uni in the evenings. This is where she found her love of numbers.

She started to move towards the client side of P.R. and worked for Nokia marketing when Nokia was dominating the mobile phone market. She has kept her favourite phones from the Nokia boom and still has them to this day! She stayed within Nokia and progressed to Tendering and large-scale management, and eventually into finance control as she progressed with her studies. While at Nokia she met her husband and they got married.

Both Julianna and her husband always enjoyed travelling and liked the idea of living abroad and seeing what the world had to offer. When they had their son, they started thinking about where in the world would be the best place for him to grow up and where he would have the greatest opportunities. With Europe going into a bit of disarray, they decided in 2013 to move to Australia to start a new life.

Her husband was a Telecomms and Electrical Engineer in Hungary, but after moving to Australia he started working as a Project Manager in Trades. For Julianna, she found that it was difficult to find work in Australia and discovered her degree in Economics, Finance & Accounting was not transferrable and pretty much useless when trying to look for a job. She also found the requirement for local experience a huge blocker to her finding work in the industry her experience was in.

Eventually, she got a job in Centrelink training people and helping them to find a job. She would have to interview them and help them to get job-ready, but found it was really affecting her mental health because these were people who weren’t fit for work but were being pushed into it based on the legislation.

After working at Centrelink and armed having the local experience requirement, Julianna got a job in the city as a bookkeeper and she started studying for her BAS agent qualifications. She started her bookkeeping business on the side in 2014, but found she was getting so much work that she could quit her job and run her business full time.

She has now built In Horizon Consulting into a growing business with clients ranging from Medical Practices to P.R. companies, Hairdressers, Joiners, Uber Drivers and even a Flying School!

I asked her what she loves about her job, and she said she loves meeting lots of different people in different industries with different stories and outlooks on life. From doing their books, she has learned so much about different industries, that it has really broadened her business knowledge.

In her spare time, she does recreational running, is a children’s athletics coach, and is part of Athletics Australia and Sporting Schools.

If you engage Julianna to conduct the bookkeeping for your business, you are getting a highly qualified and highly educated Economics, Finance & Accounting expert which is massive asset to any small business.

If you’d like to get in touch with Julianna, her email address is