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The impact of COVID-19 on lending to consumers and businesses

Member Carla Richardson shares her advice for individuals - such as mortgage and loan deferrals.

Laserclinics Australia Adds a new Advance Treatment to their Menu

Fantastic new treatment from Laserclinics Australia!

Fearlessly Authentic - Kelly Gaunt shares her story

Kelly Gaunt from The Marketing Bungalow shares her story.

Creativity in the Workplace

“I don’t have a creative bone in my body” is one of the most common phrases I hear when people meet me. I roll my eyes – it’s is all I can do to not slap people in the face. We have over 100 BILLION brain cells and are wired for creativity!! I believe it is our birthright.

The Borrowers and I-Designers - Global Consumer Trends at July Coffee & Connect

The Borrowers and I-Designers are two global consumer trends that will be hitting Australia soon. Learn how these trends might effect your business.

Female Financial Foes - ShireWomen Empower Series can Strengthen Your Financial Future

Wrap - up of our first ShireWomen Empower Event sponsored by DPN.

From Egypt to Cronulla - The Journey of the Hidden Gem of The Shire

From Egypt to Cronulla - The Journey of the Hidden Gem of The Shire - an inspirational and touching story about ShireWomen Business Member and owner of Scarab Rouge - Aida Guirguis.

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