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ShireWomen Event Sponsorship - price available upon request

Sponsorship of ShireWomen events is available to Businesses who share our values and philosophy, and who's products or services are of interest or value to our Membership base.

The current events available for Sponsorship are:

  • ShireWomen Empower
  • ShireWomen Inspire (International Women's Day 2020)
  • ShireWomen Enrich, and
  • ShireWomen Indulge (ShireWomen 2019 Christmas Party)

These events are run in series of 3 or 4 events per year, and we are looking for Event Sponsors for 2019 / 2020. 

Sponsorship of our events provides brand recognition, trust, and gets you in direct contact with our Members and Guest. Statistics from our ShireWomen Empower, Inspire and Indulge events in 2018 and 2019 have been highly successful for Lead Generation.


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