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What is ShireWomen? 

ShireWomen is a female-centric, educational, networking, events and promotional platform for professional women and businesses based in the Sutherland Shire. Our focus is to champion women in business and provide a safe and supportive environment for our members to learn, make connections and grow their businesses. We promote our members to the wider Sutherland Shire community and provide consulting and advice to assist in successful business growth.

Why female-centric? It's an unfortunate fact that women are disadvantaged in the business world - from lower pay to hitting the glass ceiling; to not having a supportive network of other women in the same boat. ShireWomen is all about smashing stereotypes and supporting women to be the best they can be. We do this through events, education, online and offline promotion, and business support. We have created a community of ShireWomen Business Members who connect and learn from each other.

Our ShireWomen Business Member  community consists of local business owners and professionals based in the Sutherland Shire and St George area. We also have several male members who want to show their support to their female staff and who understand that women make the majority of purchasing decisions in their households and businesses they work at. Showing they are a trusted ShireWomen Business Member assists in recognition and increases trust with our wider community.

Most people go into business because they are great at their skill set, but most have not had any experience or formal training in the "Business" side of entrepreneurship, which is where ShireWomen comes in.

ShireWomen assists its Members and the wider community in two distinct areas. These areas are online and offline.


The offline component of ShireWomen includes regular networking, inspiring and educational events open to both our ShireWomen Business Members and local business people (guests), with a focus on helping attendees make meaningful connections and learn something they can apply to their professional lives. We know that being in the SME game can be time consuming and difficult, so we encourage our members to speak at events and share their knowledge and experiences.

Our monthly networking and educational event is called Coffee & Connect and is held at our major sponsors venue Tradies Gymea, one Friday morning of each month. Here we promote our members through allowing them to display their marketing material, and are invited to talk as speakers. Each Coffee & Connect has a theme that runs for 3 events. These are business related topics that are interesting and relevant, and not the usual same-old repetitive topics that you tend get at other business events. We also host evening events designed around empowering and inspiring women. Our current evening events are ShireWomen Empower, ShireWomen Inspire - Sponsored by Emroy Creative Group, ShireWomen Indulge, and ShireWomen Enrich.

We also provide business coaching and consulting focusing on promotion, marketing, strategy and business planning, processes, cloud applications, employee productivity and culture. You can read all about our services outside of membership here.

ShireWomen Business Members get access to early bird tickets to all events, and receive coaching and advice as part of their membership (depending on the level signed up to) or at half price.


The online aspect of ShireWomen is the unsung hero of ShireWomen Business Membership. Online promotion through social media, EDM's and engaging and lead generating content is an area that SME's consistently struggle with. Most business owners are fantastic at their business offerings, but the majority have no experience in SEO, Social Media Marketing, Brand Engagement or Targeted Advertising and Strategy. We consistently see people wasting their precious time and money on Facebook Ad's that aren't quite hitting the mark, or spending hours writing blogs that don't include SEO keywords or that aren't engaging to their target market. Some may not know who their target market is, or how to find them. Others have logos and branding that don't fit with their business model or philosophy. 

At ShireWomen we assist our members in getting their brand out there in a way that is engaging to their target audience. We know how to engage our followers, and position members businesses as the authority on the subject they're trying to promote. Not only do we help members reach their audience, ShireWomen Business Members can leverage off our already huge following, consisting of:

    • 7100 + followers on Facebook
    • 4800 + active EDM subscribers
    • 35,000 + visits to our website each month
    • 900 + attendees to our events

ShireWomen business members are regularly featured on our Social Media channels and EDM's, can display their marketing material at our events, plus they get their own page on our website - showcasing them to thousands of people in the Sutherland Shire. In addition, we can write members regular blogs with SEO keywords in mind, boosting reach. By being a ShireWomen Business Member and using our advice and offerings, our members will start moving up Google rankings due to our content-rich website and our Trusted Business Google status.

We also have promotional offerings available to non-members if for example a local business wanted to promote upcoming events or a special offer. Click here to learn more.

ShireWomen Members Portal

Our ShireWomen Business Members Portal is a resource Library that holds content from ShireWomen, our speakers, and our Business Members to assist in knowledge sharing and learning. From Budget Planning to Social Media Do's and Don'ts, to Strategic Planning Templates and White Papers, to Speaker Notes and Research - our Portal has it all. 

Learn more about ShireWomen Business Membership here.

Local Business Directory

One of the original features of ShireWomen is our extensive Business Directory. ShireWomen Business Members have a stand-out listing linking to their own page on our website, with non-members having a limited featured listing. This allows local people to clearly identify who is a member of our trusted ShireWomen Business Member Community. List your business by clicking here.

We want you to join our community!

ShireWomen for local Residents

Sign up to our newsletter to hear about the amazing local ShireWomen Business Members in our community. We don't bombard you with boring hard-sell adverts - our media is interesting, informative and champions the amazing women doing great things in our community. Many of our members not only run businesses, but also work with local initiatives that support women in need, with amazing stories to share. Our newsletters are packed with articles and blogs, write-ups and educational information. You'll also hear about our events which you are welcome to attend - a must read for any Shire resident.

ShireWomen for the Business Community

If you're a business in the Sutherland Shire then ShireWomen then joining ShireWomen is going to help your business. By joining as a ShireWomen Business Member you will be promoted to thousands of local people in an interesting and effective way. Whether you're in the Start-Up, Ramp-Up or Established phase of your business, ShireWomen will keep you connected to key influential women in The Shire and provide you with amazing opportunities. Our ShireWomen Business Membership inclusions are impressive - learn more about ShireWomen Business Membership here.

Non-membership Advertising Options 

If you don't want to become a ShireWomen Business Member, provided your business is relevant to our community and your blog or advertising material doesn't conflict with our ShireWomen Business Membership base, you can advertise certain things on our platforms. These might be things such as local events, or blogs or articles that might be interesting or helpful to our readership. Learn more here.


If you're passionate about supporting women in business, and want to gain brand recognition and trust with locals, then ShireWomen Sponsorship is for you. We have several sponsorship options, ranging from event sponsorship to major sponsorship which includes being featured on every page of our website, all our marketing material and our email signatures. Our current Major Sponsors are Tradies, Olsens, and Emroy Creative Group with Emroy also sponsoring our ShireWomen Inspire series. To learn about our Sponsors click here, and to learn about how you can Sponsor ShireWomen, click here.

ShireWomen's Mission: To champion Women in Business, and grow our local economy.
ShireWomen's Vision: To continue to grow our community to make strong and lasting change for Women today, and the next Generation.
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