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ShireWomen runs several types of events created with Business Women in mind.

Coffee & Connect

We host monthly meetings called Coffee & Connect which are designed for Business Women to connect with each other and hear from interesting speakers who share valuable information that attendees can apply to their business.

ShireWomen Empower 

Our current ShireWomen Empower series are focused on empowering women to take control of their financial future. With women heavily disadvantaged when it comes to super balances and even equal pay, these event series are designed to help women take control and invest in their future.

ShireWomen Inspire - Sponsored by Emroy Creative Group

ShireWomen Inspire events are designed to have topics and speakers that inspire attendees to take action. The events may inspire attendees to take action in their businesses, in their personal life, or in the local community.

ShireWomen Indulge

As the name suggests, ShireWomen Indulge events are all about indulging attendees! Champagne, wonderful food, music and gifts - these events are just what the doctor ordered for winding down and having a great time with fabulous ShireWomen members and guests.

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