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Reach local job seekers by placing your Job Ad on our website. We'll also share it on our Social Media and E-mail Subscribers reaching:

  • Website - up to 35,000 + people each month
  • Email Newsletters - 4,800 + opt-in subscribers
  • Social Media - 7,500 + followers on Facebook with an organic reach potential of 15,000 people, 1000 + followers on Instagram

We can promote an advert you've written for you for $250 + GST or:

Write your Job Ad for you, and then promote it for $310 + GST (the writer is a Certified Member of the Australian HR Institute).

Note: our newsletters are scheduled for the same dates each month. Your Job Ad will be added to the next schedule of newsletters. We can't change these dates, but if you have an urgent Ad that needs to be circulated before our newsletter is released, we will schedule it on our social media asap.

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