Feminism Equal Pay Day and why you need to support it
Many of you will remember Vanessa (ShireWomen) taking in our Consumer Trends series about how todays consumers research everything about the businesses they engage with. She discussed the Sleuthy Shoppers, and how they vote with their purchasing power, buying from companies that align with their ethics. Refresh on this talk by clicking here. The important thing to take away from this trend when applying it to Pay Equality, is that your customers and clients care what you do in your own business, and showing you are in support of Pay Equality is a step towards showing you care about over half of the population. If your business is female-centric, it shows you care about the majority of your client-base, and if your customers are mainly male, it shows them that you won't tolerate inequality. It might even get you more customers.

You see, for something as entrenched as gender pay bias, you have to apply social pressure and take an ethical stance to force change. I'm not saying you need to get protesting or argue with your clients - a simple social media post showing your support is enough. A logo on your website showing you support Equal Pay shows you're aware there is a problem, and you don't subscribe to it. Showing your support in small ways gets people thinking and researching - and over time - they do something about it. Peer pressure is powerful, and it doesn't need to be aggressive, forceful or uncomfortable (unless of course that fits with your brand).

So, what can you do?

If your business practices Equal Pay - tell your customers about it! If you're starting to make Equal Pay improvements, tell them you're committed to making it happen by a certain date. Your support isn't just about you and your business - it's about showing women and men everywhere that your business practices Equal Pay. It's about our community saying women deserve better.

Learn from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency about how you can support #EqualPayDay today by clicking here and as always, if you need help just ask!