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Things to do over the quiet New Year period

Things to do over New Year to make your business more efficient!

Mental Health & Wellbeing - Fili Perdikaris shares her story

Fili Perdikaris is a local registered Psychologist who specialises in helping her clients with mental health and wellbeing.

Fearlessly Authentic - Kelly Gaunt shares her story

Kelly Gaunt from The Marketing Bungalow shares her story.

No up-selling, off-shore call centres or mystery. Meet Peter from Elders Insurance Sutherland

Peter from Elders Insurance Sutherland offers reliable, honest Insurance services.

Creativity in Bucket Loads - meet Emily from Emroy

Read all about Emliy form Emroy - a born creative who knows all there is to know about Branding.

Creativity in the Workplace

“I don’t have a creative bone in my body” is one of the most common phrases I hear when people meet me. I roll my eyes – it’s is all I can do to not slap people in the face. We have over 100 BILLION brain cells and are wired for creativity!! I believe it is our birthright.

Common Legal Mistakes in Business and How to Avoid Them

A wrap up of our October Coffee & Connect event when Anika Fleet from WMD Law talked to us about common legal mistakes in business.

From Nursing to New Beginnings with The Body Shop

Just how does a nurse end up as a Body Shop Consultant? Read on to find out.

Focus, Strength and Determination - Fabiana's Story

A story of focus, strength and determination - Fabiana Silva's story.

Own your own Journey - Rebecca Andrews of Laserclinics shares her story

ShireWomen Business Member Rebecca Andrews is the franchise owner of Laserclinics Caringbah and Miranda.Rebecca had always had a personal interest in the beauty industry. 

Employee Frustrations – how do you manage Gen X and Gen Y in the same workplace?

Whether you’re an established business or a business planning to hire staff in the future – staff are in every top ten list of Business Frustrations the world over.

But what if a lot of the issues are generational? Here we discuss how to manager Gen X and Gen Y in the same workplace.

Equal Pay Day and why you need to support it

Despite it being 2018, women are still being paid 14.6% less than men! From the 11th November 2018 until 31st December 2018, women are working for free.

Paving the Way for Investment - ShireWomen Empower - Sponsored by DPN

Our second ShireWomen Empower event on 14th August was a success. Read all about how ShireWomen can empower you to take control of your financial future.

Perception and Reality - Sometimes we're all doing it tough - August Coffee & Connect with Kathryn Macmillan

At our August Coffee & Connect we focused on some of the realistic (yet sometimes challenging) aspects of SME life, and who better to join us than Kathryn MacMillan from 923|Recruitment & HR.

How Secure are Cloud Apps? August Coffee & Connect Follow Up

At our August Coffee & Connect we asked How Secure are Cloud Apps? We went through the basics and gave some tips on securing your data. This blog is all about Cloud App security and a must-read for all business people.

Benefits of Volunteering

Ever thought about volunteering? ShireWomen Business Members BeConnected provide some insights into the benefits of volunteering.

The Borrowers and I-Designers - Global Consumer Trends at July Coffee & Connect

The Borrowers and I-Designers are two global consumer trends that will be hitting Australia soon. Learn how these trends might effect your business.

Female Financial Foes - ShireWomen Empower Series can Strengthen Your Financial Future

Wrap - up of our first ShireWomen Empower Event sponsored by DPN.

From Egypt to Cronulla - The Journey of the Hidden Gem of The Shire

From Egypt to Cronulla - The Journey of the Hidden Gem of The Shire - an inspirational and touching story about ShireWomen Business Member and owner of Scarab Rouge - Aida Guirguis.

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