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Meet the local women running for Sutherland Council on 4th December 2021

Meet the women standing for Sutherland Shire Council elections on December 4th 2021!

Go with the Slow

Marnie Prowse from Tiny Haus discusses the importance of slowing down, sharing her story in the process.

A slow approach to Christmas

New member Marnie Prowse shares some insight into slowing down at Christmas.

Con-woman, Chameleon, or Australia's greatest Entrepreneur?

There's more to Florence Broadhurst's story than meets the eye.

Delivering a good presentation - Observations from the TV show The Block S16 E25

Vanessa Gorman gives commentary on a recent episode of The Block and a challenge they were given in public speaking.

Breakfast on Sundays now available at Cronulla RSL!

Grab a cooked breakfast on Sunday at Cronulla RSL!

Equal Pay Day 2020, another year with no change. How do we combat the Gender Pay Gap?

Another year, another equal payday with no change. This year we delve into the finer details that persist and influence the gender pay gap.

Adaption is the key to success

Tamara Hatton-Ward from Pinstripe Recruitment shares how she's pivoted since the pandemic started.

The role of Chinese Medicine in the Modern World

Interested in different ways to improve your health? This blog explains some of the traditional Chinese medicine methods which might help you.

Procrastination, demotivation and loneliness - how you can get through it!

Are you finding yourself procrastinating more or feeling demotivated? Then this is the blog for you!

How Facebook are working to help those affected by COVID-19

Learn the latest updates Facebook are making to assist people through COVID-19.

Finding the Pop in Targeting Cultures

Jess Cook from Socially Squared shares how you can target different subcultures in your marketing.

Keep your Family warm & safe this Winter

Special Offer of 24hour turnaround on gas heater servicing from David Frith Quality Plumbing.

Communicating with your audience during COVID-19

Member Jess Cook from Socially Squared gives some tips for your social media during these strange times!

The impact of COVID-19 on lending to consumers and businesses

Member Carla Richardson shares her advice for individuals - such as mortgage and loan deferrals.

What business lesson's can we learn from Coronavirus?

Member Kirsten Taylor-Martin from Grant Thornton Australia shares some lessons that a crisis like coronavirus can teach small businesses.

One of the best in Hairdressing is here in Caringbah!

Meet member Nikoleta from Bangs & Whiskers in Caringbah!

Running a Business in a Pandemic World

Kathryn MacMillan shares insights into what you can do in your business while the Coronavirus threat looms.

Rainwater Tanks – A sensible investment in a volatile climate

Thinking about installing a Rainwater Tank? This is everything you need to know!

Too much too Soon? The Modern Family Business

Member Kirsten Taylor-Martin talks about some of the issues family businesses face.

Social Media Engagement Tips

Jess Cook from Socially Squared gives a wrap-up of February's Coffee & Connect where she talked about Social Media.

Put Gender on your Agenda this International Women's Day!

Why International Women's Day is important for all.

Help for Family Businesses affected by the Bushfires

Free expert help from our member Kirsten Taylor-Martin.

Evaluating your brand in 2020. What you need to do as a business to prosper in this new decade

Our Sponsor Emily Olguin shares tips on how to make your brand prosper this decade.

Insights into the world of Business Coaching

ShireWomen business member Coach Mel shares her inspirational story with us.

Luxury Mekong 12 Day Escorted Group Tour

ShireWomen Members Sutherland Shire Cruise & Travel present their escorted, guided tour of the Mekong...

Helping 100 People in 100 Days Challenge

Member Coach Mel kicks off 2020 with a challenge.

Trends for Social Media in 2020

Jess Cook from Socially Squared shares the Social Media trends tipped for 2020.

Get the most out your Office 365 – Free 45 Day Trial of QuickHelp

Free trial of Quick Help for all ShireWomen members.

Explore Southern Africa - Escorted Group Departure

Explore Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - Johannesburg - Kruger Private Reserves - Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve - Cape Town

Enter a Raffle with Body Shop at Home and raise money for Breast Cancer

Buy $5 raffle tickets to win a BodyShop at Home advent calendar, and raise money for Breast Cancer Research.

3 Month Christmas Special Offer

Jess Cook who does ShireWomen's social media has a fantastic offer available until 30th November!

Disrupt & Improve your Hiring Process with Workconex

Members Workconex have special offer not to be missed!

All I want for Christmas is.............

Member Kirsten Taylor-Martin shares her thoughts about family businesses over the Christmas period.

Special Offer from Bangs & Whiskers Caringbah

Kerasilk Offer from members Bangs & Whiskers

Building Genuine Engagement in a not-so Genuine World

The way you engage with your audience on social media is important, and always will be important. 

How caring about gender equality has led to a career at Care Super

Meet our Business Member Colleen Manning of Care Super who is passionate about helping women invest properly in a Super Fund that cares about gender equality.

Have you updated your contents insurance recently?

Being underinsured could be very costly for you and yours. Get your insurance reviewed at no cost with our Business Member Peter Jamieson of Elders Insurance.

A Naturopath determined to improve people's lives!

ShireWomen Business Member Tanya Jones shares how she became passionate about improving people's health through diet.

Budapest to London to Sydney - Julianna Nagy shares her story

ShireWomen Business Member Julianna Nagy shares her journey from working in Europe to settling in Australia.

Meet Amy Gladwin from BodyMindLife Kirrawee!

Amy from BodyMindLife shares her journey.

Fashion Blogging leads to Innovative Entrepreneur!

ShireWomen Business Member Jess Cook from Socially Squared shares her story with us.

Innovation - what could be holding you back?

Steph Rey from ShireWomen gives some insight into some of the Psychological processes that can block innovation.

Is Change Management a load of crap?

An experienced Management Consultant shares some tongue in cheek insights into Change Management.

Happy EOFYS from Hilton Shade & Canvas!

Business Members Hilton Shade & Canvas have a great EOFY offer!

40% off your first month of any social media management package!

Special offer from Socially Squared!

Seven years of endota spa Gymea!

It's been 7 years since endota spa Gymea opened! We caught up with Megan to find out things are going.

Disruption - your Fountain of Opportunity

Disruption - just how do you go about becoming a Disruptive Business? Katrina from Lifehackers Institute tells us how to use Statistics and Data to become disruptive.

The growth of a Business Success and Mindset Coach

Alexis Fotaras of Alexis-Jane Success Coaching shares her journey from Personal Training to Empowering Clients for Success.

Security & Workplace Safety you didn't know you needed!

ShireWomen Business Member Matt Harrison, CEO of Australian Frontline Solutions (AFS Group) shares his story.

Seize the Power in your Data

Katrina from Lifehackers Institute talks about how data can transform your business.

An Adventure from Uganda to The Shire

A story of adventure from Dativah - founder of Daventure Tours

More than a Mortgage Broker!

Joanne Foltman from Frangipani Finance shares her story from Senior Director of Deutsche Bank to Mortgage Broker.

Are you Credit Fit?

ShireWomen Business Member Carla from Wyze Finance shares how to get Credit Fit!

5 Financial Signposts to Small Business Success

SearchItLocal give their 5 Financial Signposts to Small Business Success.

The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur

As International Women's Day approaches, we reflect on the rise of the female entrepreneur.

The Importance of Networking - our Top 10 Tips and 5 Cardinal Sins

Are you a business owner or a decision maker in your job? Learn our Top 10 Tips and 5 Cardinal Sins of Networking. Networking should be a part of your Marketing Strategy.

Discover Madagascar in 18 Days with Daventure Tours!

ShireWomen Business Members Daventure Tours have just added Madagascar to their escorted tour offerings!

Laserclinics Australia Adds a new Advance Treatment to their Menu

Fantastic new treatment from Laserclinics Australia!

Local, Honest and Family Focused - Julie Frith shares her story

Julie Frith - co-owner of David Frith Quality Plumbing Shares her Story.

Things to do over the quiet New Year period

Things to do over New Year to make your business more efficient!

Mental Health & Wellbeing - Fili Perdikaris shares her story

Fili Perdikaris is a local registered Psychologist who specialises in helping her clients with mental health and wellbeing.

Fearlessly Authentic - Kelly Gaunt shares her story

Kelly Gaunt from The Marketing Bungalow shares her story.

No up-selling, off-shore call centres or mystery. Meet Peter from Elders Insurance Sutherland

Peter from Elders Insurance Sutherland offers reliable, honest Insurance services.

Creativity in Bucket Loads - meet Emily from Emroy

Read all about Emliy form Emroy - a born creative who knows all there is to know about Branding.

Creativity in the Workplace

“I don’t have a creative bone in my body” is one of the most common phrases I hear when people meet me. I roll my eyes – it’s is all I can do to not slap people in the face. We have over 100 BILLION brain cells and are wired for creativity!! I believe it is our birthright.

Common Legal Mistakes in Business and How to Avoid Them

A wrap up of our October Coffee & Connect event when Anika Fleet from WMD Law talked to us about common legal mistakes in business.

From Nursing to New Beginnings with The Body Shop

Just how does a nurse end up as a Body Shop Consultant? Read on to find out.

Own your own Journey - Rebecca Andrews of Laserclinics shares her story

ShireWomen Business Member Rebecca Andrews is the franchise owner of Laserclinics Caringbah and Miranda.Rebecca had always had a personal interest in the beauty industry. 

Employee Frustrations – how do you manage Gen X and Gen Y in the same workplace?

Whether you’re an established business or a business planning to hire staff in the future – staff are in every top ten list of Business Frustrations the world over.

But what if a lot of the issues are generational? Here we discuss how to manager Gen X and Gen Y in the same workplace.

Equal Pay Day and why you need to support it

Despite it being 2018, women are still being paid 14.6% less than men! From the 11th November 2018 until 31st December 2018, women are working for free.

Paving the Way for Investment - ShireWomen Empower - Sponsored by DPN

Our second ShireWomen Empower event on 14th August was a success. Read all about how ShireWomen can empower you to take control of your financial future.

Perception and Reality - Sometimes we're all doing it tough - August Coffee & Connect with Kathryn Macmillan

At our August Coffee & Connect we focused on some of the realistic (yet sometimes challenging) aspects of SME life, and who better to join us than Kathryn MacMillan from 923|Recruitment & HR.

How Secure are Cloud Apps? August Coffee & Connect Follow Up

At our August Coffee & Connect we asked How Secure are Cloud Apps? We went through the basics and gave some tips on securing your data. This blog is all about Cloud App security and a must-read for all business people.

Benefits of Volunteering

Ever thought about volunteering? ShireWomen Business Members BeConnected provide some insights into the benefits of volunteering.

The Borrowers and I-Designers - Global Consumer Trends at July Coffee & Connect

The Borrowers and I-Designers are two global consumer trends that will be hitting Australia soon. Learn how these trends might effect your business.

Female Financial Foes - ShireWomen Empower Series can Strengthen Your Financial Future

Wrap - up of our first ShireWomen Empower Event sponsored by DPN.

From Egypt to Cronulla - The Journey of the Hidden Gem of The Shire

From Egypt to Cronulla - The Journey of the Hidden Gem of The Shire - an inspirational and touching story about ShireWomen Business Member and owner of Scarab Rouge - Aida Guirguis.

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