Member Showcase More than a Mortgage Broker!

Joanne started her professional career in Investment Banking with Deutsche Bank. She started working in Operations and Accounting and then eventually moved into Equity Trading.

Her high-flying career meant she was a Senior Director for the bank, working on a trading floor with 10 women and 

175 men! Such a position meant that Joanne was responsible for the P & L of her product, as well as Operational and Strategic decisions.

She continued to work as a Senior Director whilst having her first two children, and when she was pregnant with her third, the Bank began to go into restructure. Joanne at this point had two young children and thought it was a perfect opportunity to nominate herself for redundancy and spend some time at home. The bank, although reluctant, granted her request for redundancy 3 weeks into her maternity leave, and Joanne moved onto a new chapter of her life.

Now, I’m sure you can imagine her role was fast paced, highly pressured, exciting, with high stakes. Now imagine going from such a role to being a Housewife! The result was Joanne got heavily involved in her children’s schools, their education and she found time to reorganise her family finances and their mortgage.

She discovered in this process that the mortgage brokers she dealt with weren’t really that great. She started to do her own research and realised that she was once again enjoying herself. She was fantastic with numbers, understood the banking industry and how investment lending worked, so it seemed like a no-brainer to explore the mortgage broking path. She got her mortgage broking qualifications and Frangipani Finance was born.

I asked Joanne what she loves about her role. She answered that she loves dealing with real people. In her past career she was dealing with large institutions or hedge fund managers. Dealing with everyday people in her business means she can directly help and assist her clients and therefore see real job satisfaction. She loves breaking down the jargon into easily understood chunks of information, and guiding her clients through difficult decisions.

Her goals are to share knowledge with her customers, and provide them with valuable information that empowers their financial journey. She provides services to her clients for their lives – first mortgages, investment mortgages, unlocking equity, and planning for their future.

With Joanne you get more than a mortgage broker! Her knowledge and experience is second to none, as is her passion and dedication to what she does.

If you’d like to reach out to Joanne about your personal or investment mortgages, her email is  or you can check out her Members Showcase page by clicking here.