Member Showcase Adaption is the key to success

Adaption is the key to success

We have all had to adapt our ways of working during the pandemic, and it’s been interesting to see how our members have used this opportunity to become pioneers in their industries – particularly those in more traditional industries which have strong social norms which act as unseen rules restricting ways to conduct business.

One of those pioneers is Tamara Hatton-Ward the Director of Pinstripe Recruitment.

Contactless Recruitment

Tamara and her team have long had a point of difference, being that they have always allowed candidates to present themselves via a recorded video in the selection process. They have more recently added online interviews to their offerings keeping candidates and businesses safe during this time and will continue this model as an enduring business practice into the future. The team all work remotely across Australia, and their business model is focused around intelligent digital recruitment, allowing Tamara to build a team of highly skilled recruiters outside of Sydney.

New ways of recruiting

Recruitment as an industry has mostly operated on contracts and success fees. Pinstripe Recruitment has introduced 6 or 12-month payment terms for their clients who prefer the success fee model and have introduced a popular ‘pay as you go, pay by the hour’ model. In this model, businesses can use Pinstripe Recruitment services as much or as little as they need to. Tamara explained that many use their services to the point of shortlisting, and then take over from there - saving their businesses $1000’s in fees. It is wonderful to see the Pinstripe Team listening to their client’s needs, and providing them with solutions that work.

Freelance, client-centred recruitment is the future

The most interesting thing about Pinstripe’s way of working is that they work to their client’s budgets. Traditionally, recruitment agencies state their flat-rate or percentage fees for recruiting roles, cutting out businesses who would like more flexibility or a more collaborative approach.

Pinstripe starts with their client’s budget in mind, and tailor their services around their client’s needs - and with their vast network of top candidates, they can provide a service like no other.

“Being Freelance Recruitment Consultants, we offer a very different service to a traditional recruitment agency. Our services are designed to be mindful of your budget, cash flow and risk – while ensuring results” says Tamara. “When it comes to recruitment, there is no ‘one size fits all’.

Having worked in Recruitment myself, I find this approach refreshing and innovative, as the rigid traditional model has long been a cause of annoyance for many businesses.

Tamara and her team specialise in recruiting for professional services – Accounting, Legal, Financial Planning and Insurance.

If you are looking for staff or looking for work in these areas, email Tamara at to learn more.