Member Showcase Meet Amy Gladwin from BodyMindLife Kirrawee!

Amy is originally from QLD, and after leaving high-school decided to travel around Europe before starting University. At University, Amy was studying Music as she is a gifted singer, but found herself burnt out, tired and began to loathe the thing she loved most. After making the decision to stop University, things started to get serious with her partner who lives in Kirrawee. The long distance took its toll on the both of them, and their relationship came to a head where they needed to take the leap and either move in together or split up. Amy decided to move to Kirrawee and got a job at Gloria Jeans in Gymea while she decided what her next move would be.

She worked as the café manager at Gloria Jeans for 9 months, and although she loved interacting with customers and organising the business, she really felt like it wasn’t what she wanted to do long-term. The problem was that she didn’t know what she wanted to do instead! She began to make a list of things she wanted in a career, starting with not having to get up too early in the morning, and nothing to do with coffee!

After some soul searching she realised she really wanted a challenging job, but something that aligned with her healthy lifestyle, which allowed her to evolve and grow. She wanted a job that made her excited about coming to work, but still didn’t know what that would look like.

She realised that daydreaming about a perfect job wasn’t going to get her anywhere, so she hopped onto Seek (which she’d never done before in her life) to get a gauge of what jobs in the Health and Wellness industry were available, and what experience or qualifications she might need to take the leap. She saw a job advertised for Studio Manager at BodyMindLife in Kirrawee. The advert headline read “Do you enjoy yoga, wearing activewear and have experience Managing Cafes?” and she thought – “That’s it! That’s my perfect job!” Realising she probably didn’t have the experience required, she thought at least it would be a good exercise to apply for it anyway – if she got rejected she could ask for feedback and improve for the next time.

Much to Amy’s surprise, she got an interview, and when she arrived she realised it was a group interview which was daunting to say the least! Hearing the other candidates talk, she quickly realised they all had qualifications and industry experience on top of that, and started to feel nervous. Then, she remembered that she had no idea what they’re looking for in a Studio Manager, and it might not be what’s on a piece of paper. So, she dug deep and decided to go all out and show them what she could bring to the table, despite being the youngest and least qualified.

In the interview, they were all asked 5 questions, mainly personality driven, and Amy answered with passion, conviction and honesty. Amy was proud to have showcased her true self, so much so that she didn’t mind if she didn’t get the job because she knew that would only mean it wasn’t meant for her. She told them that she only wanted the job if they felt she was the perfect fit and so was pleasantly surprised when Michelle – Operations Manager for BodyMindLife - rang her and offered her the job.

Since then Amy has been managing the new BodyMindLife at Kirrawee and says she has to pinch herself every day because she’s truly found her calling and loves every second of it.

Amy has a natural affinity to help others, make people feel better about themselves, and is passionate about using health and exercise to help her clients achieve a better lifestyle. She loves watching her customers leave feeling rejuvenated, calm and happy.

If you haven’t yet checked out BodyMindLife Kirrawee, then do take the time to pop down there and at least take a look around! The design of the space is truly calming and warm, and the teachers are passionate, kind and motivating.

To find out more about their classes or if you’d like to reach out to Amy personally, email her at or check out their timetable offerings on their website here.