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Matt grew up in the shire, and once he left school started working in a bottle shop, then a pub - a far cry from advising and providing security solutions for high profile clients as he does today.

While working behind the bar in the pub, he approached the owner of the security company to ask if there was an opening on the door. Not being a big guy, Matt had to quickly develop the ability to deal effectively with difficult people and anticipate problems before they occurred. Matt enjoyed the job, but a typical entrepreneur a heart – was always looking at how he could improve on the job and expand his prospects. After working there for a while, he asked if they’d be interested in paying him as a subcontractor rather than an employee, and the owner said yes.

Matt registered his business name and started canvasing venues that might need door security, and started offering security and event management for private functions and eventually larger events. While his business was getting off the ground, Matt worked in retail and selling cars.

One of Matt’s car clients ran an event management company, and through chatting and providing him with car deals, he offered Matt some work running events nationally. Matt jumped at the chance, and started working coordinating events for national clients. Over time, he became a trusted name in the industry and today his company specialises in what he describes as “services nobody wants”.

Matt’s business has evolved since providing door security, and now provides security co-ordination, planning and training. Although Security Guards are now required to be licensed in Australia, the training provided isn’t always adequate. Matt is passionate about making sure they are well trained and that the training is interesting and useful, and has edified himself as the go-to person in the industry for training and co-ordination. While he still has trusted high-profile clients that he provides physical presence for, most of his work involves consulting on security in existing venues or staff that have been specifically hired for events.

Due to his glowing reputation and the success of the events he ran, TAFE asked if he would teach event management at their Loftus Campus, which he conducted for over 3 years. Over his business career he has delivered over 100 different courses to businesses and individuals across Australia ranging from nationally accredited through to tailor made courses.

His current range of training courses include:
  • First Aid & Personal Safety
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Compliance – Security & Safety
  • Armed Holdup Training
  • Hospitality
  • Evacuations and Lock Down
Matt has designed first aid courses specifically for certain groups of the community such as primary school kids, new mothers and fathers, grandparents, as well as conducting courses in Child Care Centres, Universities and in the Workplace. He told me that there was an incident at a primary school where some of the students had attended his FAST for Kids course. One of the year 6 students stepped up and provided first aid

In addition, Matt and his team work a great deal in Tourism. They advise and train on industry compliance and security, helping their clients with:
  • Venues, events, outbound/inbound tours
  • Security best practice and strategy
  • Risk assessment and accreditation
  • Training staff
  • Bodyguards, chaperone's and concierge
I asked Matt what he enjoys the most about his job. He said meeting interesting people who he wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to meet. He loves people, and loves knowing that his training and courses will save people’s lives if they are in a situation where they need to use it.

Matt’s key office staff Roslyn, Amanda and Jaiden have been working with him for many years, and the team in total consists of over 60 staff who are based all over Australia.

Safe Work NSW has requirements relating to First Aid training in the workplace, so if you’re a business that needs to train staff or update their First Aid Certificates, then get in touch with the team at AFS to organise your training session. In addition, depending on your business model, there are lots of courses AFS can offer to assist you in running your business more safely. If your business is located in an area that is dimly lit or staff are working until late at night, then consider providing them with a personal safety course. Providing staff with correct training ensures they are more confident in their jobs, and lowers your risk as a business owner that something tragic might happen at work.

AFS have a comprehensive compliance division that can simplify the whole process for you and your business including policy and procedure documents and WHS requirements.

Matt will be talking to us at one of our upcoming events, and is passionate about supporting women in business. The faces you’ll mainly see from AFS at our Coffee & Connect events will be Roslyn and Amanda who work closely with him

Contact Matt at or Roslyn Foley at . You can also call them at 1300 660 164 or click here to learn more about what they offer.