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Delivering a good presentation - Observations from the TV show The Block S16 E25

Vanessa Gorman gives commentary on a recent episode of The Block and a challenge they were given in public speaking.

Procrastination, demotivation and loneliness - how you can get through it!

Are you finding yourself procrastinating more or feeling demotivated? Then this is the blog for you!

How Facebook are working to help those affected by COVID-19

Learn the latest updates Facebook are making to assist people through COVID-19.

Finding the Pop in Targeting Cultures

Jess Cook from Socially Squared shares how you can target different subcultures in your marketing.

Communicating with your audience during COVID-19

Member Jess Cook from Socially Squared gives some tips for your social media during these strange times!

What business lesson's can we learn from Coronavirus?

Member Kirsten Taylor-Martin from Grant Thornton Australia shares some lessons that a crisis like coronavirus can teach small businesses.

Too much too Soon? The Modern Family Business

Member Kirsten Taylor-Martin talks about some of the issues family businesses face.

Social Media Engagement Tips

Jess Cook from Socially Squared gives a wrap-up of February's Coffee & Connect where she talked about Social Media.

Evaluating your brand in 2020. What you need to do as a business to prosper in this new decade

Our Sponsor Emily Olguin shares tips on how to make your brand prosper this decade.

Trends for Social Media in 2020

Jess Cook from Socially Squared shares the Social Media trends tipped for 2020.

Building Genuine Engagement in a not-so Genuine World

The way you engage with your audience on social media is important, and always will be important. 

Innovation - what could be holding you back?

Steph Rey from ShireWomen gives some insight into some of the Psychological processes that can block innovation.

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